Rules for using Karu 17 dormitory

1.       SECURITY

-          The Karu 17 dormitory is equipped with an electronic access system and video surveillance.

-          Make sure you always have the key to your room and the key card with you when leaving the dormitory. Handing over these items to any third persons is forbidden.

-          Inform the building administrator immediately if you lose the key or the key card. You will have to pay a compensation sum of 15 euros if you lose the key, and the same compensation sum applies for the key card.


The management of the dormitory is not responsible for the loss, theft or destruction of the personal belongings of lessees. In the case of theft, inform the management of the dormitory to receive further instructions on what to do.



-          The lessee is only allowed to use one bed and one pair of bedclothes of the dormitory in the room. If there is a spare bed in the room, it is not permitted to use it or store one’s possessions on it.

-          BEDCLOTHES are changed once a week according to the schedule. If the lessee wishes for their bedclothes to be changed, the used bedclothes must be placed on the floor in front of the bed on the determined day.

-          Ensuring the CLEANLINESS of the room, kitchen, shower, toilet and entry hallway of the lessee is the obligation of the lessee.

-          The lessee is responsible for taking out their TRASH. The waste container is located behind the building.

-          It is permitted to store empty beverage containers in the designated storage crate in the kitchen and, once full, the containers must be taken to a reverse vending machine.

-          The kitchen must be cleaned every time it is used. Kitchen utensils must be washed immediately after use and leaving them in the sink is not permitted.

-          ONLY toilet paper may be thrown into the toilet bowl.

The staff of the dormitory are entitled to inspect the condition of the premises. Lessees must comply with any orders given by the staff. Upon failure to comply with the orders related to cleanliness and upkeep, the lessee must pay 30 euros for special cleaning services. Repeated failure to comply with the orders of the staff will result in an extraordinary termination of the accommodation agreement.


3.       THE INTERNET is wifi & free of charge. Connection name is KaruFree,  username: free, password:karukaru. Long-term lessees are able to use faster paid internet with personal passwords. Please remember that using public wifi it is forbidden to make personal hotspots, download big files, use torrentes etc.  


4.       LAUNDRY ROOM – the lessee is entitled to use the laundry room located on the 3rd storey. In order to use the washing machine and clothes dryer, a suitable time must be booked in the schedule on the door of the laundry room. Only one (1) machine group (washing machine + clothes dryer) may be used at a time, with a maximum of one use of the machine per day.


5.       VISITORS. The lessee is allowed to entertain visitors in the dormitory only with the permission of their roommate and from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


6.       QUIET HOURS are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Any and all activities that make noise are forbidden during this period. If a lessee violates the quiet hours rule and other lessees need to call in the security team (phone number 1911), the invoice for the response by the security team will be paid by the lessee who violated the quiet hours rule.


Narcotic drugs, violence, harassment or other illegal activities are forbidden on the territory of the dormitory. If the staff of the dormitory are of the opinion that a lessee has posed a hazard to the harmony, safety and security of other lessees or the workers of the dormitory, the lessor will be entitled to unilaterally terminate the lease contract and request that the lessee immediately leave the territory of the dormitory.


7.       FIRE SAFETY

-          Smoking indoors is prohibited and subject to a penalty payment of 50 euros for violating the rule.

-          If the fire alarm is activated, all persons must immediately leave the building by following evacuation marking and assemble on the square in front of the building. Please acquaint yourself with the evacuation marking and escape routes when you move in.

-          The penalty payment for causing a false alarm in the fire detection and fire alarm system of the building is 30 euros.



-          In the case of a TECHNICAL PROBLEM in relation to the property of the dormitory (burnt-out light bulb, clogged toilet, etc.), the lessor must be notified thereof via the e-Campus Service Desk or the 1st floor administrator. We will resolve the problem at the first opportunity.

-         Each and every instance of intentional DAMAGE TO OR DESTRUCTION OF THE PROPERTY of the dormitory will result in a claim for damages by the lessor. This includes any causing of damage in the dormitory to any property that does not involve the personal belongings of the lessee. It is not permitted to place pictures on the walls of the rooms, as well as posters or anything else that could damage the surface of the walls. No unauthorised rearrangements may be made in the rooms such as moving around furniture, etc.

-          When leaving the dormitory upon the expiry of the accommodation agreement, clean Your room & apartment & when returning the key to the 1st floor administrator show her the room to confirm its condition & verify it with your signature. Should it be discovered after you have left that you have failed to return the key, not cleaned the rooms or anything has been damaged, you will be filed a claim for damages and your educational institution will be notified thereof. If the lessee has failed to clean their room when leaving, the price of the special cleaning service is 30 euros.