Rules of internal regulations


 Approved by the board member of 

 MTÜ Dormitorium 
by order nr 24 of  Nov 4, 2016
All International tenants can enter and exit the house only through the main entrance (A-side of the house) and have a Distance card that allows to move between the 5th, 6th and 7th AB-side floors.
· Silent hours in dormitory are from 22:00 to 6:00 on working days & from 00:00 to 7:00 on weekends. During that time, any kind of activity that might disturb other people is forbidden. If the rule is not being followed, You have to find another place to stay. Please remember that as long as You stay in Karu 17 You are asked always to keep in mind other tenants well-being!
- You have a right to call Security patrol G4S by calling 1911 if anyone should violate the Silent hours rule or disturb other tenant`s peace in any other way. The Security company`s bill will be paid by the tenant to fault. 
- Karu 17 is a dormitory & not a hotel, which means that everybody have to clean after themselves. Apartments are equipped with necessary cleaning tools. Cleaning detergents are not included. 
- Dormitory`s cleaning crew helps to supervise tenants if needed & helps to keep the common cleanliness.
- Dormitory`s Hall manager will check the cleanliness and condition of Your rooms once a week on Mondays, between 10 a.m. to 15 p.m. Tenant has to follow all the instructions, orders & recommendations of the Karu 17 Hall manager. In case of not taking the orders given You must find Yourself another place to stay!
· Dormitory`s Cleaning Crew cleans the apartment common rooms once a week, between 10 a.m – 15 p.m (see the exact schedule for Your room below here). For that time You have to take all Your personal belongings away from the floor and put away to the cabinets. Cleaning crew has a right to enter all the common rooms (apartment`s kitchen, shower, toilet, hallway) with the back-up key. 
- Twice a month, when bed linen are being replaced, the Cleaning crew also vacuums Your room`s floor. If You are not in Your room at that time the cleaner has a right to enter Your room with the back-up key. If You are in Your room & do not vacant the room or let the cleaner in, cleaning will be postponed for 2 weeks. When the cleaning is postponed for two (2) times, the Tenant has to pay a fine of 30 EUR. 
·  Bed linen and blankets/pillows are provided by dormitory. The bed linen set are changed for fresh ones twice a month (on every other Monday between 10 a.m. to 15 p.m. See the exact schedule for Your room). Leave Your dirty bed linen on the floor in front of the bed in the morning. If Your bed linen are not on the floor the Cleaning service considers it as Your wish not to replace the laundry and it will be postponed for 2 weeks. NB! Do not send Your personal laundry to washing service, we service only dormitory`s standard laundry!
· Tenants have to maintain cleanliness of the property given to them. There is no full service in Karu 17 dormitory! If You make the public premises dirty, You will have to clean it up Yourself immadiately or if You refuse to clean, You will have to pay a fine of 30 EUR for extra cleaning service (regular cleaning service includes only vacuuming the common rooms floors once a week).
- If Your room needs more than vacuuming, dormitory`s Hall manager will leave You a note and will come back next day to check on Your room`s condition. If the room is still not cleaned, our cleaning crew will clean it up and You have to pay a fine for the extra cleaning service.
Monday                     Checking the condition of all rooms.
Tuesday                    Cleaning 7th A-floor rooms (71A-79A)
Wednesday               Cleaning 7th B-floor rooms (71B-79B)
Thursday                   Cleaning 6th A-floor rooms (61A-69A)
Friday                        Cleaning 6th B-floor rooms (61B-69B and 54A)
Toilet paper, kitchen paper and dishwashing detergent are included in cleaning service and will be provided once a week.
· You have to take the garbage out Yourself regurarly (dumbster is located behind the house, on the side of Tuukri street).
· It is not allowed to leave Your garbage bags in the corridors or anywhere outside Your rooms! If garbage is found behind Your door, You will be fined!
·It is not allowed to collect empty bottles/cans in the kitchen/rooms/balconies. All empty bottles must be taken into collection containers.
· Smoking is FORBIDDEN indoors! In case of violating the law the fine is 60 euros. 
· The fire alarms in the kitchen and in the rooms are very sensitive. Any smoke or covering the sensor will set the fire alarm and automatic call to the Fire Department. Smoking is allowed only outside of the Dormitory or on the balcony (use ashtrays and don´t forget empty it regularly!).
· Be careful when cooking, never leave the kitchen when using the stove! Open the window for better ventilation. In case of any smoke in the kitchen, it will set the fire alarm!
· Wash Your dirty dishes right away after using. Do not leave dishes in the sink!
- Don`t forget to turn off the stove & to clean up the kitchen after every time You use it!
· Do not fix posters, notices, pictures, or anything that might damage the surface of the walls of the room. In case of damaging the surfaces You will be charged for the repair works. 
- Do not move the furniture around in the room or make any other adjustments and rearrangements! All the rooms are equipped by standard inventory & it must stay that way! No personal furniture allowed! 
·   Ventilate Your rooms regularly to avoid any moisture or mold in Your room and keep nice balance of fresh air, open the window at least 3 times a day for 5 minutes. Do not dry laundry in Your rooms, it generates moisture!
· The property has to be used prudently and You are expected to follow these regulations at all times! In an event of damaging any property of the dormitory, Tenants are required to compensate for the damage caused in full.
Light bulbs burned out, toilets backing up, etc. - inform us by our website kampus-system: We will resolve the issue as soon as possible. In case of emergency problem contact the 1st floor reception!
- Please make sure that Your apartment door is locked even when You are at home. It is for Your own safety! Management can not take responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to any tenant property whatever the cause. In case of theft turn to 1st floor reception for further guidance.
- In case of needed security call the 1911 (Security company) for help. 
- When having a guest make sure You have Your roommate(s) agreement every time. If You don`t, we consider it as disturbing Your roommate(s) peace and a violation of house rules. Your guest can stay for the night (maximum for 3 nights), but only with the permission from Your roommate & with enough space in the room. Dormitory provides bed linen & service only in the 1st floor hostel rooms. 
- To not disturb anyone`s wellbeing in our dormitory! It is allowed to have only 1 guest at a time & all the visitors must always follow the House regulations while visiting.
- In case of a need having more guests or having a guest who`s staying for more than 3 nights You will need a permission from the Karu 17 office. Send an e-mail for agreement to:
- Guests are obliged to follow all the Dormitory`s house rules and the hosting tenant is responsible for presenting the rules His/Her guest. In case of guest violating any house rule the hosting tenant will take full responsibility.
- In Karu 17 there is a free and payable networks.
Free network is available as Wifi. Payable network is available as Wifi & with the cable. 
- Free network name is KaruFree, Username: free  Password: karukaru.
- Free network works on 2,4ghz frequency & on 5ghz frequency.
- Max downloading speed is up to 2Mbit/s, on 5Ghz frequency the speed is up to 5Mbit/s.
- Payable Wifi name is KaruPremium5Ghz.
- Payable Wifi network works only on 5Ghz frequency (Most of the newer computers & smartphones allow to work on 5Ghz frequency, but please be sure that Your device supports it before You make a payable internet contract).
- Wifi network depends on the radio signal quality. Don`t make Your own personal extra hotspots with phones, personal routers etc in Your apartment because it interferes the signal of Karu 17 Wifi-routers.  
- It is forbidden to download big files using Karu 17 public network. 
- To start using the payable network send an e-mail to the Accomodation manager: The charge for payable connection is 5 euros per month & it will be added to Your every month`s rental bill.
- To use the payable network You must enter Your personal ID and password. The password window will open automatically when the cable is connected to Your computer and You open a new web browser window. Cable network downloading speed max is 20Mbit/s.
- NB! When using cable connection, don`t forget to turn the Wifi off,  otherwise Your computer connects automatically with the Wifi network.

As using the Karu 17 internet network (wifi or cable connection) it is forbidden for a Tenant :

- to use personal computer or device without active software that protects the computer or a device from viruses & malware, inlcuding to allow third party use the network without necessary security measures;

- to use Karu 17 network for sening unwanted messages & bulk mail to anyone, as well as helping or permitting it (open relay). Unwanted bulk mail is considered to be sent electronically to recipients who have not requested anonymous or fake sender's or parodyed and threatening messages, promotional materials, unauthorized advertisements or the like;

- to copy or otherwise transmit data and materials that cause servers or any communications network to experience a sudden increase in the normal load, including by sending e-mail (s) to the program (s), e.g. "e-mail bomb", "charset", "pyramid scheme" "Or sending invoices in other forms;

- disseminating or disseminating in any way messages, web pages or e-mail messages that are not in accordance with applicable law or which are abusive, indecent, defamatory, threatening, compromising privacy, racist, ethnic or other attacks, abusive, physical or psychological violence, illegal activities, etc;

- The Tenant undertakes to compensate for the expenses incurred by the MTÜ Dormitorium and the claims for damages as a result of violations of the requirements.


NB! Internet connection depends on lots of factors, but in most cases the reason for poor internet connection is user`s personal device`s software problems - expired Network Card drivers; operating system is out of date or device is infected with viruses. Please be sure about Your device`s configuratsions before You turn to dormitory`s tecnical support!
Please remember that You are expected to
follow our house rules at all times! 
Any tenant who, in the opinion of management, compromise the comfort, safety or security of other tenants or stuff will be requested to leave the dormitory premises.
·In dormitory we have a “you-break-it-you-buy-it” policy meaning that
if You break something
You have the option to replace the item or You can pay for it.