Rules of internal regulations

Approved by the board member

of  NGU Dormitorium by order

nr 15 of 23.05.2018


Rules of internal regulations in Karu 17 dormitory


You are expected to follow our house rules at all times. Any tenant who, in the opinion of management, compromise the comfort, safety or security of other tenants or stuff will be requested to leave the dormitory premises.



- Karu 17 dormitory is equipped with an electronic passage system & video surveillance.

- Always carry Your room key and the electronic door chip with You when You leave the dormitory. It is forbidden to hand them on to third parties.

- In case of losing the key or the door chip, immediately inform the dormitory`s manager. In case of losing the key You will have to pay compensation fee in the amount of 15 euros and in case of losing the door chip, also 15 euros.

- Always make sure that You have locked Your apartment door!


Dormitory`s management can not take responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to any tenant property whatever the cause. In case of an incident turn to the 1st floor reception for further guidance.



Silent hours in dormitory apply from 22 p.m until 6 a.m. During that time any noisy activities are prohibited. If anyone violates the rule, fellow tenants have a right to call the security patrol (call 1911) & the tenant who`s to blame for the violation, will have to pay for the security patrol bill.



Tenant is obliged to maintain the cleanliness and order in student residence room, common areas and also on all Campus territory.

It is tenant`s obligation to clean the residential space given to his/her use; to take out trash; to clean after him-/herself after using the kitchen and clean the cookers; to clean the window(s) and door(s) of the student residence’s room given to his/her use at least twice a year – in spring at the latest of 30th April and in autumn at the latest of 2nd October.

Dormitory`s representative checks the cleanliness of the apartments regurarly. Tenant is obligied to follow all the necessary instructions given by dormitory`s representatives.


Dormitory`s Cleaning Crew cleans the apartment (incl vacuuming Your room`s floor) once a week, between 10 a.m – 15 p.m. See the exact cleaning schedule for Your apartment added. For that time You have to take all Your personal belongings away from the floor and put away to the cabinets & vacant the room. If You are not in Your room at that time, the Cleaner has a right to enter Your room with the back-up key. If you do not vacant the room or let the Cleaning Crew in, cleaning will be postponed for a week. When the cleaning is postponed for two (2) times, the User has to pay a fine of 30 EUR.


Bed linen and blankets/pillows are provided by dormitory. The bed linen set are changed for fresh ones once a week. Leave Your dirty bed linen on the floor in front of the bed in the morning. If Your bed linen are not on the floor the Cleaning service considers it as Your wish not to replace the laundry and it will be postponed for 2 weeks. NB! Do not send Your personal laundry to washing service, we service only dormitory`s standard laundry!


Tenant is obligied to clean after Himself/Herself. If You make the public premises dirty, You have to clean it up Yourself or if You refuse to clean it, pay a fine of 30 EUR for extra cleaning service. Regular cleaning service in rooms include only vacuuming the floor. If Your room needs more than vacuuming, dormitory`s stuff will leave You a note and will come back next day to check on Your room`s condition again. If the room is still not cleaned, Dormitory will clean it up and You have to pay a fine for the extra cleaning service.


Cleaning schedule:


Monday                       Cleaning 7th floor apartments

Tuesday                      Cleaning 6th floor apartments

Wednesday                 Cleaning 5th floor apartments

Thursday                     Cleaning 4th floor apartments

Friday                          Cleaning 3rd floor apartments 


Toilet paper, kitchen paper and dishwashing detergent are included in cleaning service and will be provided once a week.



You have to take the garbage out Yourself (dumbster is located outside behind the house).

It is not allowed to leave Your garbage in the corridors or anywhere outside Your rooms! If garbage is found behind Your door, You will be fined!



It is forbidden to smoke (including water pipe) inside the student residence rooms, halls, on staircases and in the lobby! Smoking is allowed only outside of the Dormitory or on the balcony (use ashtrays and don´t forget empty it regularly!). Penalty for violating the rules is 50 euros.

The fire alarms in the kitchen and in the rooms are very sensitive. Any smoke or covering the sensor will set the fire alarm and automatic call to the Fire Department.



Be careful when cooking! Do not leave switched-on electrical devices unattended! Open the window for better ventilation. In case of any smoke in the kitchen, it will set the fire alarm! Wash Your dishes right away after using. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink! Always switch off cookers and all other electrical devices after leaving the kitchen and turn off the lights!



Do not fix posters, notices, pictures, or anything that might damage the surface of the walls of the room. Do not move the furniture around in the room or make any other adjustments and rearrangements! Ventilate Your rooms regularly! To avoid any moisture or mold in Your room and keep nice balance of fresh air, open the window & doors at least 3 times a day for 5 minutes. Do not dry laundry in Your rooms, it generates moisture!


The property has to be used prudently and You are expected to follow these regulations at all times. In dormitory we have a “you-break-it-you-buy-it” policy meaning that if You break something You have the option to replace the item or You can pay for it. In an event of damaging any property of the dormitory, Tenants are required to compensate for the damage caused in full. If the offender can not be identified, the Users of according room, apartment, floor or building will be held to carry joint responsibility for the damage caused to dormitory. In case of serious or intentional infringement, managment holds the right to terminate the Contract with the prior to its term and to demand the residential area to be vacated at once.



(light bulbs burned out, toilets backing up, etc.) - inform us by our website kampus-system: We will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

In case of emergency problem contact the administrator 1st floor reception!



In the student residences and on the territory of dormitory it is forbidden to use narcotic or toxic substances and moving around under the influence of narcotic or toxic substances; to consume alcohol and to move around intoxicated on dormitory`s territory and in the common areas of student residences.



Always follow the regulations of fire safety and environmental protection. Get to know with the evacuation plans located on Your apartment`s door. When the fire alarm starts to ring, immediately leave the building! For creating a false alarm You must pay a penalty in amount of 30 euros.



When having a guest make sure You have Your roommate(s) agreement. If You don`t, we consider it as disturbing Your roommate(s) peace and a violation of house rules. It is allowed to have only 1 guest at a time. In case of a need having more guests or having a guest who`s staying for more than 3 nights You will need a permission from the office. Send an e-mail for agreement to: Guests are obliged to follow all the house rules and the hosting tenant is responsible for presenting the rules His/Her guest. In case of guest violating any house rule the hosting tenant will take full responsibility.



In Karu 17 we have a free and payable networks. Both are available as Wifi or with cable. Free network name is KaruFree, Username: free and Password is: karukaru.

To start using payable network send an e-mail with Your application to Accomodation manager Anita Mägi:

To use payable network enter Your personal ID and password. The password window will open automatically when the cable is connected to Your computer and You open a new web browser window. 

The charge for payable connection is 5 euros per month & it will be added to Your every month`s rental bill. Payable wifi network name is KaruPremium 5Ghz.

It can be used as Wifi or with the Lan-cable (the socket is on the wall in Your room).

Connection with the cable is always a better choice because it`s more stable.

Payable network max downloading speed is 20Mbit/s. You can use 3 different devices on Your connection.

NB! The payable network works only on 5Ghz frequency – please be sure that Your devices are able to use that frequency (if Your device shows the network name in the available network list then it is able also to use it).


Free wifi network works on 2,4Ghz frequency. Max download speed is 2 Mbit/s.

We remind You free network is a public network it is not made for downloading music & watching movies! Also, it might be overloaded on rush hours & the signal depends on how crowded it is & if people are using it properly or not. Wifi network depends on the quality of the hotspot & of the radio signal noise. We ask You not to create any personal hotspots in Your apartment with Your mobile phone, pc-s or routers, because it unstables the Karu 17 wifi signal & because of that everybody in Karu 17 house using the Wifi suffers on low signal, including Yourself.



The owner of the computer is responsible for its proper functioning, network compatibility and security. NGU Dormitorium offers no technological support of that sort. 

The following is prohibited for the tenant in the WiFi or cable network of the building:

-        - using a computer or device without activated software that protects the computer or device against infection with viruses and malware, incl. allowing third parties to use the network without implementing the necessary security measures;

-        - using the network to send inappropriate or unsolicited messages (incl. mass mailing) to any persons, also helping or making it possible to use open relay. Unsolicited mass mailing also means sending spoof and threatening messages or messages with anonymous or forged sender’s details, advertising materials, unauthorised ads, etc., simultaneously and electronically to recipients that have not expressed their wish to receive such messages;

-          copying or forwarding in any manner whatsoever the kind of data and materials that cause a sudden increase in the load of the servers or any communications network when compared to the ordinary load, incl. sending intrusive offers by way of programmes that allow users to send messages via e-mail, e.g. as a “mail bomb”, “chain letter”, “pyramid scheme” or in other formats;

-        -  disseminating or helping to disseminate the kind of data, websites or e-mail messages that do not comply with effective legislation or are offensive, indecent, slanderous, menacing, violating the privacy of others, racially, ethnically or otherwise aggressive, malicious, inciting to physical or psychological violence, propagating illegal activities, etc.;

Managment has the right to block or regulate access to non-suitable network resources. The tenant must compensate NGO Dormitorium for the expenses and claims for damage caused as a result of a breach of the requirements using internet network of the building.




User is obliged to vacate the residential space immediately upon the expiry of the contract. Upon leaving the dormitory, User is obliged to clean the room in his/her use. In case of not filling the obligation, Student Campus will organize the cleaning and User will be required to compensate the cost of the cleaning to NGU Dormitorium according to valid price list. During the final cleaning of the room, User is obliged to: clean the floor; take out trash; remove dust from cupboards, desks and windowsills; empty desk drawers and cupboards; clean room door both from inside and outside; if necessary wash the walls and ceiling; clean and melt the fridge; clean toilet and shower room.

If you wish to end Your contract prior to its expiry date, you can do so by notifying us via email or by coming to the office at least 3 weeks advance, considering that the contract can be terminated only on the last date of the month.

Your room keys and access card must be returned to the
the 1st floor administrator by the ending date of your contract. Your deposit net balance will not be refunded until you have returned the keys and card. When leaving dormitory, You need to make sure that You have cleaned your room/apartment after Yourself. Before returning Your keys show Your room to our administrator to confirm the room`s condition. If Your room is not cleaned, we will do it for You and cleaning fee in amount of 30 auros will be taken off from Your deposit. 

The contract is considered finished when the room is cleaned and keys/access card have been returned.